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BrightMove Media designs and manufactures vehicle advertising solutions for the public transport industries..

LED Display Design

BrightMove offers clients end-to-end in-house mobile digital out of home media solutions. The company has 8 years experience of design, manufacturing, maintenance and deployment in LED displays, offering an incomparable provenance in hardware and software design. The current generation of proprietary hardware includes the latest in outdoor resolution (P2mm), bringing with it unequalled audience cut-through in full sunlight.

Regulatory Compliance

From the advent of the digital taxitop market, BMM has worked alongside national transport regulators both within the UK and internationally to deliver a medium which is effective, attractive and safe. BrightMove adheres to a multitude of safety standards. In the UK we have obtained VCA approval, for European passporting we comply with Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC) protocol, for acceptance internationally we pass Federal Communications Commission (FCC) testing on all of our products.

Highest Brightness, Resolution and Reliability

LED is a proven outdoor technology. Light emitting solutions provide unrivalled brightness, high contrast with vibrant colour and media asset delivery reproduction. BrightMove Media active display solutions independently monitor the ambient light conditions 100 times a second to ensure the asset delivery is optimised. Whether at midday, in the shade or at night. Performance reliability is enhanced by the adoption of cutting-edge components including in-house designed power supplies, the latest high-bright LED modules, bespoke power optimization and fault detection software.

Vehicle Installation

Our unique electronics cartridge solution offers cutting-edge design with real-world practicality. Quick and simple vehicle installation and reallocation, maintenance and replacement are made easy with minimal fleet operator disruption and downtime. Maximum ad up-time is guaranteed

Content Delivery

BrightMove Media has developed market leading Fleet Management and Content Management Systems (CMS) combined in Connect-A Castâ„¢. Our cloud based proprietary software works seamlessly with our product range providing an intuitive, easy to use interface. A single operator can administer and monitor large fleets in real-time, schedule and deploy media content and produce campaign analytics and reports on demand.


Inbuilt Antennas (3/4/5G, GNSS), GNSS & 3G/4G with Internal Control System offering world wide approvals.


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