• Posted: 29th August, 2014

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    Billy Elliot Rooftop Taxi Advertising

    Billy Elliot

    Campaign Objectives and Approach

    The objective of the Billy Elliot campaign was to promote, through general awareness, this well-known brand to the London audience and remind everyone of its presence.

    Our approach was to obtain the widest possible coverage the Billy Elliot The Musical logo was broadcast on a 24/7 basis from the entire fleet. The red used in Billy Elliot messaging was calibrated in ambient light conditions to maximise vibrancy and colour.

    Campaign Results:

    • 2.2 million adverts delivered with a total broadcast time of 3,000+ hours
    • Messaging easy to read and vibrant even at distances of 30 metres + in full sunshine
    • All London demographics reached
    • Exceptional visibility due to strong brand equity and message simplicity
    • PR and Photography exposure gained as first TaxiCast advertiser


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