• Posted: 28th August, 2014

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    Get your brand moving in the City of London

    BrightMove Media unveils roll out expansion plan of 700 additional screens by the end of the year.

    BrightMove Media, the market leader in real-time digital moving media, is delighted to announce that it is extending its London taxi network to 700 digital screens across an extended network of 350 premium taxis.With an initial rollout of 400 screens by October 1st   the company will have 700 on the street of London by year end. BrightMove’s moving media platform, which uses the top of London’s iconic black taxis as its ad space, is the only UK-approved product of its kind currently on the road. Since its launch, the digital media service has become a market leader by creating an innovative and essential addition to the media mix. Since June 2013, BrightMove Media has run over twenty campaigns for brands as diverse as Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, Pepsi, Cadbury, MasterCard and Hotel Tonight. So far, they have shown over 50 Million adverts. BrightMove Media delivers real-time, geo-targeted digital advertising. This has presented a new media opportunity that embraces the latest GPS positioning technology, enabling brands to target specific groups of people at different times of the day – for example, ‘up market shoppers’ or  ‘evening commuters’.   This ability to carefully target relevant messaging, reduces wastage and enables advertisers to improve ROI. BrightMove Media also reaches geographic areas that other out of home platforms cannot reach, such as the City of London. The innovation is backed by a powerful, centralised media platform that has been entirely developed in house by BrightMove Media’s own technical team. It allows real time monitoring of the network, and enables effective campaign management and detailed reporting for all the featured brands. The roll-out of the technology will begin in September, culminating in the introduction of 400 new screens by the 1st October 2014, with a total of 700 screens being introduced by the end of the year. For further information and interview requests for BrightMove Media please contact Kirsty Leighton/Sophie Lister on 020 7796 4133.

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    About BrightMove Media:

    BrightMove Media is the world leader in real-time digital out of home moving media.  We are growing our network of intelligent digital rooftop screens on London’s iconic black taxis, offering advertisers the ability to deliver relevant messages and reach through high impact and intelligent targeting according to location, time of day and weather conditions; it is the ultimate in ‘who, when and where’ marketing that delivers new levels of relevancy and accountability for brands. editor

    Piers Mummery

    CEO, BrightMove Media


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