• Posted: 27th November, 2014

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    Leading the way

    We at BrightMove Media are proud to hold innovation at the heart  of our business. Our digital moving media concept was the first of its kind in the UK and is the first product to have been approved by TfL and the London Mayor’s Office. We are also the first to roll this fantastic technology out to a larger network across London.


    Our story began with a pioneering design: our digital advertising product uses attractive, vibrant high-visibility surface-mounted LED screens which are fitted on the taxi tops, roughly at eye level. The design specifically took into account the regulatory requirement that all taxis must be able to pass under certain low entrances such as that at Euston Station, meaning the cab and the unit could not exceed 2.1m. Our screens differ from other digital outdoor advertising in that they have low power requirements and a minimal impact on fuel consumption.


    It is not all about the design; the technology behind what you see atop of our network is also ahead of the industry curve. Each system uses a private and secure link via 3G cellular networks to stay in constant contact with the centralised media platform that can push out new or updated content in real time. Our system also maintains location awareness via GPS, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns and messaging to specific geographic locations.


    The design and development has been fully executed in house by our own BrightMove team, giving us the opportunity to blend expertise with experience and produce a reliable product that is both innovative yet simple to install, operate and manage. By working closely with the regulator, we have helped develop a high benchmark of technical, operational and safety requirements, helping to set the industry standard going forward.


  • ‘Mo’ving media: BrightMove grows support for Movember

    London, November 7thThe Movember Foundation, the organisation committed to raising funds and awareness of men’s health issues, is working with BrightMove Media as a strategic media outlet for its 2014 Movember campaign. The campaign encourages men to grow a moustache for the 30 days of November to increase awareness and to raise vital funds for its men’s health programmes, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.brightmove 1-10-2014-3315 compressed

    The campaign will see BrightMove Media broadcast ads by Movember itself, along with official campaign partners HP Sauce, Gillette, Marshall Amplifiers and Sony Playstation. The household name brands have created custom Movember adverts which BrightMove Media will display along with its main Movember messages. These are geo-targeted by borough, and are designed to encourage men to sign up at Movember.com and ‘grow their mo’ to demonstrate their commitment to changing the face of men’s health. As BrightMove’s network of digital taxi tops drive through different London boroughs, each advert will change to reflect the geo-change.

    Movember is also running a London Cab Driver Challenge, calling on London’s black cabbies to get behind the moustache and help start conversations around men’s health. So don’t be surprised if your cabbie is a Mo Bro or Mo Sista who kick starts a chat about Movember and looking after your health as well as your moustache!

    Piers Mummery, BrightMoveMedia’s CEO says, “We are very proud to be supporting Movember. It is a fantastic charity that highlights rarely-discussed topics such as male mental health, testicular and prostate cancer. We hope that our geo-targeted campaign will encourage even more men to grow moustaches to show their commitment to the cause.”

    John Owens, of Movember UK says, “We are pleased to be working with BrightMove Media. Their innovative advertising will allow us to reach as many potential Mo Bros and Mo Sistas  as possible, and it’s a fun activation that will hopefully start lots of conversations about the Mo and men’s health around the capital”.

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    Did you know…?


    Nowhere in the UK is the taxi more prevalent than in London. In fact, research has indicated that more than a whopping 38 million cab rides are taken around London every year – that’s over 70 taxi journeys a minute!


    We see this form of transport every day and are even beginning to see modern 21st century touches put to London’s  iconic black taxi shape. BrightMove Media has of course played a role in revolutionising the London taxi. We pioneered a technology which allows brands to use the taxi rooftop as digital advertising space through our LED screens. It transformed the humble cab from a form of transport, to a form of intelligent, hyper-targeted advertising.


    We might see hundreds of them every day, but we probably know less about the London cab than we might think. To stretch your brains, we have included some of the best little-known facts below:


    • It is estimated that the average London black taxi travels 126 miles every day and carries over 12,000 passengers each year
    • London taxi drivers undergo a highly demanding three year testing process known as ‘The Knowledge’ before becoming licensed hacks, although it can take many much longer than that due to its complexity
    • Despite obvious prevalence, there is also no law saying that a London cab must be black. Other colours are more costly, however, which may explain it!
    • Taxi fares are calculated according to four separate criteria: tariff rate, initial meter drop, distance travelled, waiting time
    • Taxis can actually be used as courier services for important packages and papers!
    • BrightMove’s fleet of 400  screens will show over 40 million 5 second adverts per month
    • There is actually a different between taxis and cabs – taxis are called so because they use a taximeter to clock up fares
    • Over the course of one year, one single black cab will be seen on average a huge 75 million times
    • London taxis, for some reason, were required by law to carry a bale of hay and a stack of oats up until 1976!

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