• Posted: 20th August, 2014

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    Pepsi Rooftop Taxi Advertising


    Campaign Objectives and Approach:

    During April and May 2014, PepsiMax featured on BrightMove Media’s dual-sided displays with the message ‘Maximum Taste, No Sugar’ as part of the Pepsi UK’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign, which challenges traditional perceptions and aims to deliver the unexpected ; The broader campaign included TV sponsorship, innovative outdoor advertising, experiential and digital. The campaign’s look-and-feel focuses on a pack shot of PepsiMax on a black background surrounded by cracked ice, icicles and condensation to reaffirm its refreshing taste.

    Campaign Results:

    During the two month duration on our network, we showed nearly 3M adverts delivering over 15M impacts.

    Campaign Testimonial:

    “We were delighted to add BrightMove’s media platform as an additional Out Of Home element for PepsiMax, as this was an excellent way in which to amplify and extend the reach of the main campaign”

    Nat Redford
    Business Director


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